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To meet the learning needs of aspiring and working clinical research professionals, ACE and Edutech have jointly developed an e-Learning program on Clinical Research as part of the distance learning programs offered by ACE.

Be among the first to capitalize on this opportunity and fast-track your career growth with the e-Learning program on clinical research.

It is a web based certificate program consisting of CDs containing the audio visual lecture sessions, assignments, self evaluation quiz and other teaching accessories.

Program advantages

  1. Learners can be based anywhere and take the course
  2. Learners can pace study according to their individual schedules
  3. Lectures by top industry professionals ensure high quality of learning content
  4. Offers the quality of classroom training program
  5. Online assessments leading to a ‘Diploma in Clinical Research’ at the end of the course
  6. Syllabus for the e-learning is same as the classroom

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